Thursday, 31 January 2013


I've been meaning to blog for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages but as the ol' saying goes ' there just aren't enough hours in the day'!. 

I did a wee bit of sales shopping in Urban outfitters and picked up this super cutey pie cardigan. The colour is perfect and it  has a real vintage feel to it. It's perfect to throw over a black dress with a belt for dinner with the girls, and to keep warm!  For 25 squid I've definitely had my money's worth as I've worn it to death already! I also picked up the trousers which the picture does not do any justice for, but their great to adding a wee bit of edge to an outfit and just adding that little bit of excitement to a plain outfit.

I picked up the t-shirt from Topshop on my way back from the Tim Walker exhibition (which I'd highly recommend paying a visit to), and strangely it's my first ever plain grey t-shirt! Im thinking of teaming it with a black leather pinafore - but thought it was bit too risque for a day at the office! Stay tuned for that post! 

In theme of 'my first ever' Im also super excited about my new necklace as I've never owned anything with  my name on before. It used to break my heart on school trips when all of my friends would buy egg cups with their names on, or flower necklace's spelling their names and I had zilt; running home to my mother begging her to change my name to Emma...a few years later and badda bing badda boom I have a personalised necklace!

Over and out! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I had a good'en, but ate way too much so Im getting fit for Feb and even going for a run with my housemate tonight (well maybe!). My New Year's resolutions consists of learning a new skill and/or language, climbing up the career ladder and of course losing a few Turkey pounds. What are yours?

I've abandoned my blog for the past month and to be completely honest Im still getting into the whole blogging malarky so bare with, I'll hopefully get the show on the road properly soon. 

I've chucked together a couple of photos of my New Year which I spent with some fab girlies drinking champagne and wishing people 'Merry Christmas??!!!'..... Anyhoos it was a great night and a super way of striding into 2013. 

With the January Sales in full swing(Im avoiding Oxford Street like the plague) I thought Id chuck in my own B.O.G.O.F offer and post about what I wore yesterday too. The skirt is a lovely textured green skater from...I'll give you 3 guesses...1, 2 , 3 you betcha Urban Outfitters and the shirt is my housemates from ASOS. The skirt comes in 3 colours I think; green; red and black. I think it's a must for the Winter wardrobe, and would look great with this Topshop Tee and either a blazer or an acid wash vintage denim jacket. 

Enough of my blabbing for today...and please excuse the 1D calendar! 

Hope you're all having an amazing start to twenty thirteen :)