Monday, 26 November 2012


I wore this outfit a few days ago, and was quite surprised that my hair-band got more attention than my t-shirt....although the t-shirt has DWEEB in huge bold letters on the front, I was given more compliments on my super cute hair-band that I bought for next to nothing from Primark (although most of the comments were that I was like the Statue of Liberty!)


My hosuemate and I once came up with the business idea of 'Pimp my Dweeb''s still work in progress, but the t-shirt promoted the concept well! I bought this Topshop black skirt a wee while ago, I was instantly attracted to it as it gave a twist to a simple black skirt and let's face it a girl can never have too  many black skirts! 

A pair of glittery socks and my bargain hair band and badda bing badda boom, a simple Friday outfit that's suitable for work and most importantly the pub after work!

I'd probably wear this outfit with a patterned blazer next time, just to spice it up a little!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Holidays are coming....

The Coca Cola advert has made its 2012 debut which means Christmas is officially here! It was lush seeing Covent Garden Christmas'ed up and the Oxford street Christmas lights yesterday and definitely got me in the Christmas spirit!

Being in the Christmas spirit, my housemate Lily and I went on a little shopping spree on Sunday and I decided to treat myself to this gorgeous new speckled midi from Topshop. Easy, comfy and eye catching which makes the dress a winner!

I teamed the dress with another of my Sunday purchases, my new Office boots which I love love LOVE, and with my ever so charming London charm necklace which I purchased around the Jubilee. It's soooo adorable and in some ways a keep sakes for when I eventually move back to Wales! The Oxford street sign and the tea cup are my particular faves as it sums me up as a person to a T... I love shopping and tea!

Feeling the chill I wore this outfit with my leather jacket (B.C as I'ts literally on it's last legs but I refuse to get rid, and there's just no other leather jackets out there that I like!) and my tartan scarf for a bit of va va voom! 

Sorry that the photo's are a bit dark, i've linked the dress below so that you can see i's actual colour!

Dress : Topshop

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Daily Grind

I really do hope the phrase 'the camera adds 10 pounds' is true, or I have seriously been overindulging in Starbucks' festive toffee-nut lattes after looking at this photo! Actually, after waking up to images from the Victoria Secret' fashion show I think it may be time to buy some trainers and make my return to the dreaded gym!

Working within the creative industry I'm blessed with being able to wear what I want to work, which is perfect as I'm showered, changed, breakfast'ed and out the door within half an hour..... so this is what I managed to chuck on yesterday. 

The shirt was actually from when one of my pals was having a clear-out I nabbed it straight away as a denim shirt is a wardrobe staple and it has a vintage feel to it which I adore! I teamed the shirt with my ASOS brooch, a dipped hem skirt, my Urban Outfitters belt to add a bit of grunge, Topshop boots and voila we have a 5 minute outfit and out the door!

My bag is barg from Zara which I haven't been able to find in stores and got mine on-line on Zara. It's honestly like a Marry Poppins bag and If I was to show you the content of my bag you would be horrified with the amount of stuff i've hoarded over the past week (I even have two copies of the Stylist) The bag is a perfect accessory with this seasons leather panelling trend...and did I mention it was £20 pounds!!!

That's all for now...and the countdown for the weekend begins.....NOW!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Our house in the middle of the street...

Wa wa wiii waaa what a busy weekend i've had! As you may or may not know I've been sofa surfing for the past month while waiting to move into my new house and ta-da that weekend is finally here. So yesterday consisted of a lot of lifting, moving, shuffling furniture, IKEA trips and…I won't bore you with my D.I.Y stories (trying to hammer a screw into a wall with a hairbrush!) but you can imagine how achy I am today!

So while I'm catching up on X-factor with a couple of my amazing new roomies I thought I would quickly show you what I wore last night for our first team outing!

To whizz through it quickly, the dress is yet another Urban Outfitters number (I swear I do shop in other stores!) I picked it up on a lunch time shopping dash and luckily it had been reduced. This dress is everything you want in life! It's cute, simple, sexy and versatile - my favourite part has to be the cut out detail on the neck.  The dress has an open back (I don't have any photos, sorry) but normally with open back dresses the front of the dresses appear 'normal' so to speak! With this dress the cut out creates a sense of mystery and lures all eyes on you! If only Urban Outfitters made men!

The brooch is from ASOS and it's great, it gives the simplest of outfits a dazzle of quirkiness and uniqueness. As for accessories, I only wore my Michael Kors watch, bling bling that 50 Cent would be jel of…sometimes less is more and it's definitely the case with this watch.

The boots were a bargain on eBay. They're so comfy and go with literally everything you can think of! 

Hope you're all having a lush day…I'm now off to rid the rest of this hangover!

Daloni x

P.S phwwwwoooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr Union J!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ahhh salmon skin roll.

I think I can safely say that this Urban Outfitters dress is possibly one of my best buys of 2012 (broad statement I know) but I absolutely love it (and it's in the sale)! I love the grungy'ness yet glamour of the dress. I first saw the dress when I was in Cardiff and like a moth to a flame it caught my eye from the other side of the store and thinking back at it now, the way I walked towards the dress replicated the Aladdin scene where Abu first spots the Genie Lamp (tongue out 'n all!)

I love how versatile the dress is...for example I've worn it for a night out with the girls (with a pair of electric blue shoe boots), dinner with the girls (with a blazer) to watch the Olympic closing ceremony (with a pair of flats and a denim shirt), work on a few occasions, and this time round was for lunch with my Grandparents!

I thought the dress may have been a bit to risqué for lunch the old dears, as you may or not be able to tell from the photo there are cut outs on each side (wouldn't want them choking on their sandwiches now would I?!) So I decided to cover up with this gorgeous Topshop jumper which I think Is a must for the Autumn Winter wardrobe - it's the prefect colour with the perfect detail and most importantly it will keep you as snug as a bug! Team it all with a pair of Topshop Amplify Boots and a leather jacket and we're ready to rumble. 

I actually wore this outfit on Saturday at precisely 1:28 according to my watch. I hardly ever take my watch off, yet I always manage to be 'fashionably late'! It was a Christmas present a year ago or so, but their available everywhere Asos/U.O/Ebay etc.... It literally goes with everything you can think of and often I find it gives a little bit of an edge to those cute dresses or to a super simple outfit.

I would love to hear how you would wear the dress...if you have any suggestions Holla at me! 

Daloni x

Jumper and boots - Topshop
Watch - ASOS

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Now, this is a story all about how....

So here first ever blog!

Last weekend I attended the Look Show with my housemate Lily (llymlrs)which ironically is what inspired her to write her own blog too! The show was incredible, from the moment we stepped in line to go into the swanky Royal Court of Justice I met a lovely bunch of bloggers who I ended up spending all day chatting, harassing Whitney Port and drinking a lot of  Champagne! 

The show was incredible from Kelly Brook opening the show (major girl crush) to Alesha Dixon taking us back in time with Scandalous. The collection of clothing from brands such as River Island, Mango, Next, M&S and Primark definitely sparked a burning hole in my pocket, and gave me loads of ideas for my Winter wardrobe!

What really got me inspired to write a blog was a chat that I had with Jamie (boymeetsfashion) and Lily.Both shared their stories and passion about when they first started blogging and about how much fun it really is....a little push from both and here I am!

Anyhoos.. after the initial daunting prospect of chilling all day with fashionistas galore, I decided to wear my Urban Outfitters black jumpsuit which ended up getting rave reviews (phew!),my Topshop Amplify boots (which have become a second skin for my feet!) and my favourite lippie EVER - Lady Danger by Mac. Turned out not to be a bad outfit for a quick 10 minute change on a hungover Saturday morning! Looking back the only thing I would have changed were my boots for something with a bit more of the wow factor, Im thinking the Topshop Arielle2 curved glitter boot? After all if there's anything I learnt from the Look show is that Metallics are here for a long time...and a good time! 

Daloni (the girl who's name rhymes with baloni!)x