Monday, 26 November 2012


I wore this outfit a few days ago, and was quite surprised that my hair-band got more attention than my t-shirt....although the t-shirt has DWEEB in huge bold letters on the front, I was given more compliments on my super cute hair-band that I bought for next to nothing from Primark (although most of the comments were that I was like the Statue of Liberty!)


My hosuemate and I once came up with the business idea of 'Pimp my Dweeb''s still work in progress, but the t-shirt promoted the concept well! I bought this Topshop black skirt a wee while ago, I was instantly attracted to it as it gave a twist to a simple black skirt and let's face it a girl can never have too  many black skirts! 

A pair of glittery socks and my bargain hair band and badda bing badda boom, a simple Friday outfit that's suitable for work and most importantly the pub after work!

I'd probably wear this outfit with a patterned blazer next time, just to spice it up a little!


  1. really love your outfit and i've been lusting over this top ever since i first saw it. also really want the geek and loser ones too! your headband is actually so cute too though! :) X

  2. I love all the geek/nerd/dweeb tops! I don't have this one so I think I may have to go and get it :)
    Your hair hand is very cute too!
    Http:// xxx

  3. I love that t-shirt! There are more similar ones coming out next season - such as "dork" and "jerk". You would look great in a blazer. :]

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments! hope you all have a lovely Christmas! x