Sunday, 24 March 2013


Just a quickie on what I wore on a random last minute night out with the girls...and Matt! I looked/felt that I was heading to an 80's disco! Random nights are always my fave because they end up being so much more fun, and last night did not disappoint! Bringing out the Ant & Dec inspired 'let's get ready to rumble' dance moves, mixed in with a lot of j├Ąger bombs and a passed out friend (not Lily!) was definitely the right equation for a goss-filled Sunday, my fave!!

Anywwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.....enough of my rambling, enjoy what's rest of your Sunday!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Better late than never! My good ol' housemate took me to fashion week a couple of weeks ago and my god did I make the most of it - I was street styled, interviewed for the Guardian and I got myself a mac makeover and a bag full of goodies! The interview got off to a great start as I had to ask my housemate what the name of the powder that I used was (those of you who know me know that im low maintenance with make up and hair), I don't really wear much make up and I try and keep it simple! I gave curling my hair a go a few years ago, and failed! I had major stage fright too, ahh well all part of the experience I suppose!

I kept my outfit very simple by wearing my alphabet shirt from Primark, my leather pinafore from H&M, coral blazer from Topshop to add a dash of colour and my ever so faithful boots from Office!

It was a Sunday meaning  it was a bit quiet which was great as there was room to breathe and to soak in the atmosphere. I also started my Christmas wish list with these gorgeous shoes and hat.

 I'm excited for September already!