Monday, 16 September 2013


So swiping away the cobwebs from my unattended blog, I am inspired once more to write a post after attending LFW SS14. I was lucky enough to be invited to the PPQ show by my housemate and also to hang out around Somerset house on Saturday for a first glance at what we'll all be wearing next spring (or at least the replica's we'll be wearing!). The whole atmosphere surrounding the venue is electric, with the best dressed and most importantly individuals having fun with their styles, showcasing their personality with clothes and accessories. After all fun is what makes style unique. Unfortunately the photos I took of the show and most of the day are not of very good quality at all - if you follow me on instagram, you can see a few on there and a video I took. 

On the Friday I wore my Zara dress teamed with a Monki bomber; a whole lotta patterns!

Here is what I wore on Saturday... I took it easy on the patterns!

And today is back to reality with a bang!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Just look at these babies. I really don't need to say anything else about them!!

Apart from they are just B-E-A-UUUUTIFUL! I love the colour, their so comfortable and their great for adding an edge or even just a pop of colour! I absolutely love the 90's vibe going on right now, and it being acceptable to wear sports brands again without being branded a chav or looking like I'm on my way to the gym. The celebs have gone wild for the trend too, and everytime I see Beyonce and co sporting a new pair of Nike or Adidas it makes me want to rush to the shops - it brings out my inner Tomboy! I just really hope that poppers make a come back - they were my ultimate fave back in the day!

Thursday, 9 May 2013


A few Saturday's ago slightly hungover (story of my life recently) and on the quest for the most mouth watering sandwich I could possible find - I found myself heading towards Bill's in Soho infamous for their Fish Finger sandwich.

I consider myself a fish finger sandwich conesuer having endeavoured in so many of them being a student, and having gotten used to a strong contender in a pub down the road from where I used to work - I was up for the challenge - Daloni vs Food.

Bill's is a typical British style diner with a friendly, relaxed vibe and you really do feel a buzz when you walk in through the door. The decor is quirky yet modern, with super cute crockery, wooden tables, and large things hanging down from the ceiling to keep you amused while waiting for your food. When I think of the vibe, I can picture Carrie Bradshaw and co having a good ol' goss on a Saturday afternoon. 

Bill's is the perfect daytime food place and hangout, and for a very busy place it has a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Personally I wouldn't choose to go there in the evening, but Im sure that there are far worse places to go - they even light a candle to mark the start of the evening!

There's plenty of choice on the menu, and something for everyone - and all within a reasonable price range. What I love about Bill's is how they've concentrated on the simple food that is a winner with everyone, and added a little to it to make it their own. Even the bread and butter tasted better!! And the fish finger sandwich, well it's a clear winner!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Boohoo press day

So last week I attended my first ever press day for Boohoo. Now to be completely honest I've never been a fan of the Boohoo brand, I find the quality of their products cheap, and they seemed to be the official sponsor of Notting hill carnival, until yesterday... 

I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality and forward fashion look of their coming pieces. The looks they had gone for were gorgeous and they had definitely stepped away from any concept that I previously had for them. I was going round making mental notes of stuff that I have to have, especially the jewellery. I am like a magpie, and I'm instantly drawn to anything that sparkles, so I spent most of my time there gushing over their gorgeous earrings and statement necklaces. 

The blue scuba style dress is my thinspiration, and the black and white long coat is a must for my winter wardrobe. 

I met the head of Boohoo too, who was an absolute hoot, peer pressuring us into having a glass of champagne (not that it took much encouragement) and just absolutely hilarious! Never a dull moment with him around I can imagine. 

I now can't wait to spend my Boohoo voucher!

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Just a quickie on what I wore on a random last minute night out with the girls...and Matt! I looked/felt that I was heading to an 80's disco! Random nights are always my fave because they end up being so much more fun, and last night did not disappoint! Bringing out the Ant & Dec inspired 'let's get ready to rumble' dance moves, mixed in with a lot of j├Ąger bombs and a passed out friend (not Lily!) was definitely the right equation for a goss-filled Sunday, my fave!!

Anywwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.....enough of my rambling, enjoy what's rest of your Sunday!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Better late than never! My good ol' housemate took me to fashion week a couple of weeks ago and my god did I make the most of it - I was street styled, interviewed for the Guardian and I got myself a mac makeover and a bag full of goodies! The interview got off to a great start as I had to ask my housemate what the name of the powder that I used was (those of you who know me know that im low maintenance with make up and hair), I don't really wear much make up and I try and keep it simple! I gave curling my hair a go a few years ago, and failed! I had major stage fright too, ahh well all part of the experience I suppose!

I kept my outfit very simple by wearing my alphabet shirt from Primark, my leather pinafore from H&M, coral blazer from Topshop to add a dash of colour and my ever so faithful boots from Office!

It was a Sunday meaning  it was a bit quiet which was great as there was room to breathe and to soak in the atmosphere. I also started my Christmas wish list with these gorgeous shoes and hat.

 I'm excited for September already!

Thursday, 31 January 2013


I've been meaning to blog for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages but as the ol' saying goes ' there just aren't enough hours in the day'!. 

I did a wee bit of sales shopping in Urban outfitters and picked up this super cutey pie cardigan. The colour is perfect and it  has a real vintage feel to it. It's perfect to throw over a black dress with a belt for dinner with the girls, and to keep warm!  For 25 squid I've definitely had my money's worth as I've worn it to death already! I also picked up the trousers which the picture does not do any justice for, but their great to adding a wee bit of edge to an outfit and just adding that little bit of excitement to a plain outfit.

I picked up the t-shirt from Topshop on my way back from the Tim Walker exhibition (which I'd highly recommend paying a visit to), and strangely it's my first ever plain grey t-shirt! Im thinking of teaming it with a black leather pinafore - but thought it was bit too risque for a day at the office! Stay tuned for that post! 

In theme of 'my first ever' Im also super excited about my new necklace as I've never owned anything with  my name on before. It used to break my heart on school trips when all of my friends would buy egg cups with their names on, or flower necklace's spelling their names and I had zilt; running home to my mother begging her to change my name to Emma...a few years later and badda bing badda boom I have a personalised necklace!

Over and out! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I had a good'en, but ate way too much so Im getting fit for Feb and even going for a run with my housemate tonight (well maybe!). My New Year's resolutions consists of learning a new skill and/or language, climbing up the career ladder and of course losing a few Turkey pounds. What are yours?

I've abandoned my blog for the past month and to be completely honest Im still getting into the whole blogging malarky so bare with, I'll hopefully get the show on the road properly soon. 

I've chucked together a couple of photos of my New Year which I spent with some fab girlies drinking champagne and wishing people 'Merry Christmas??!!!'..... Anyhoos it was a great night and a super way of striding into 2013. 

With the January Sales in full swing(Im avoiding Oxford Street like the plague) I thought Id chuck in my own B.O.G.O.F offer and post about what I wore yesterday too. The skirt is a lovely textured green skater from...I'll give you 3 guesses...1, 2 , 3 you betcha Urban Outfitters and the shirt is my housemates from ASOS. The skirt comes in 3 colours I think; green; red and black. I think it's a must for the Winter wardrobe, and would look great with this Topshop Tee and either a blazer or an acid wash vintage denim jacket. 

Enough of my blabbing for today...and please excuse the 1D calendar! 

Hope you're all having an amazing start to twenty thirteen :)