Thursday, 9 May 2013


A few Saturday's ago slightly hungover (story of my life recently) and on the quest for the most mouth watering sandwich I could possible find - I found myself heading towards Bill's in Soho infamous for their Fish Finger sandwich.

I consider myself a fish finger sandwich conesuer having endeavoured in so many of them being a student, and having gotten used to a strong contender in a pub down the road from where I used to work - I was up for the challenge - Daloni vs Food.

Bill's is a typical British style diner with a friendly, relaxed vibe and you really do feel a buzz when you walk in through the door. The decor is quirky yet modern, with super cute crockery, wooden tables, and large things hanging down from the ceiling to keep you amused while waiting for your food. When I think of the vibe, I can picture Carrie Bradshaw and co having a good ol' goss on a Saturday afternoon. 

Bill's is the perfect daytime food place and hangout, and for a very busy place it has a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Personally I wouldn't choose to go there in the evening, but Im sure that there are far worse places to go - they even light a candle to mark the start of the evening!

There's plenty of choice on the menu, and something for everyone - and all within a reasonable price range. What I love about Bill's is how they've concentrated on the simple food that is a winner with everyone, and added a little to it to make it their own. Even the bread and butter tasted better!! And the fish finger sandwich, well it's a clear winner!

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  1. this place sounds so perfect for me! i love restaurants that don't try too hard to be cool or require you to dress up. unfortunately i live 3 hours away from london but next time i'm in the area i'll definitely have to pop in! :) X