Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Boohoo press day

So last week I attended my first ever press day for Boohoo. Now to be completely honest I've never been a fan of the Boohoo brand, I find the quality of their products cheap, and they seemed to be the official sponsor of Notting hill carnival, until yesterday... 

I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality and forward fashion look of their coming pieces. The looks they had gone for were gorgeous and they had definitely stepped away from any concept that I previously had for them. I was going round making mental notes of stuff that I have to have, especially the jewellery. I am like a magpie, and I'm instantly drawn to anything that sparkles, so I spent most of my time there gushing over their gorgeous earrings and statement necklaces. 

The blue scuba style dress is my thinspiration, and the black and white long coat is a must for my winter wardrobe. 

I met the head of Boohoo too, who was an absolute hoot, peer pressuring us into having a glass of champagne (not that it took much encouragement) and just absolutely hilarious! Never a dull moment with him around I can imagine. 

I now can't wait to spend my Boohoo voucher!


  1. like you i've never really had high expectations of boohoo but knowing you have been convinced and had your opinion change makes me think that maybe i need to give it another go... some of the pieces are gorgeous and i really like those heeled boots with the open heel! gorgeous stuff and i hope you treat yourself to some lovey goodies with that voucher! :) X

  2. Thank you for your comment lovely! They had some gorgeous stuff - their new summer range is out on the 20th which I'd highly recommend you having a looking at. There's a bomber jacket with my name written all over it, so Im holding fire until the 20th! x