Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ahhh salmon skin roll.

I think I can safely say that this Urban Outfitters dress is possibly one of my best buys of 2012 (broad statement I know) but I absolutely love it (and it's in the sale)! I love the grungy'ness yet glamour of the dress. I first saw the dress when I was in Cardiff and like a moth to a flame it caught my eye from the other side of the store and thinking back at it now, the way I walked towards the dress replicated the Aladdin scene where Abu first spots the Genie Lamp (tongue out 'n all!)

I love how versatile the dress is...for example I've worn it for a night out with the girls (with a pair of electric blue shoe boots), dinner with the girls (with a blazer) to watch the Olympic closing ceremony (with a pair of flats and a denim shirt), work on a few occasions, and this time round was for lunch with my Grandparents!

I thought the dress may have been a bit to risqué for lunch the old dears, as you may or not be able to tell from the photo there are cut outs on each side (wouldn't want them choking on their sandwiches now would I?!) So I decided to cover up with this gorgeous Topshop jumper which I think Is a must for the Autumn Winter wardrobe - it's the prefect colour with the perfect detail and most importantly it will keep you as snug as a bug! Team it all with a pair of Topshop Amplify Boots and a leather jacket and we're ready to rumble. 

I actually wore this outfit on Saturday at precisely 1:28 according to my watch. I hardly ever take my watch off, yet I always manage to be 'fashionably late'! It was a Christmas present a year ago or so, but their available everywhere Asos/U.O/Ebay etc.... It literally goes with everything you can think of and often I find it gives a little bit of an edge to those cute dresses or to a super simple outfit.

I would love to hear how you would wear the dress...if you have any suggestions Holla at me! 

Daloni x

Jumper and boots - Topshop
Watch - ASOS

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