Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Now, this is a story all about how....

So here first ever blog!

Last weekend I attended the Look Show with my housemate Lily (llymlrs)which ironically is what inspired her to write her own blog too! The show was incredible, from the moment we stepped in line to go into the swanky Royal Court of Justice I met a lovely bunch of bloggers who I ended up spending all day chatting, harassing Whitney Port and drinking a lot of  Champagne! 

The show was incredible from Kelly Brook opening the show (major girl crush) to Alesha Dixon taking us back in time with Scandalous. The collection of clothing from brands such as River Island, Mango, Next, M&S and Primark definitely sparked a burning hole in my pocket, and gave me loads of ideas for my Winter wardrobe!

What really got me inspired to write a blog was a chat that I had with Jamie (boymeetsfashion) and Lily.Both shared their stories and passion about when they first started blogging and about how much fun it really is....a little push from both and here I am!

Anyhoos.. after the initial daunting prospect of chilling all day with fashionistas galore, I decided to wear my Urban Outfitters black jumpsuit which ended up getting rave reviews (phew!),my Topshop Amplify boots (which have become a second skin for my feet!) and my favourite lippie EVER - Lady Danger by Mac. Turned out not to be a bad outfit for a quick 10 minute change on a hungover Saturday morning! Looking back the only thing I would have changed were my boots for something with a bit more of the wow factor, Im thinking the Topshop Arielle2 curved glitter boot? After all if there's anything I learnt from the Look show is that Metallics are here for a long time...and a good time! 

Daloni (the girl who's name rhymes with baloni!)x


  1. Your lipstick is gorgeous! I don't have any mac lipsticks I'm really going to have to get some. Lovely first post. :)

    Hannah @ xo

  2. I remember seeing you at The Look Show, you looked great - fab first post and welcome to blogging :) X


  3. Ahh thank you for your lovely comments ladies! Lovely to hear from you x

  4. I am SO GLAD YOU STARTED A BLOG!! Yay!!! Believe me, it will become a big part of your life. Blogging is so addictive. You won't ever regret it. :]